Our Town Theatre Group

2020 Season Announcement Party

February 1st @ 6:30pm

at Tannery Pond Community Center

Next Event

March 20-22


The Odd Couple

(Female Version)

Written by Neil Simon

Directed by Mary Anne Gruen

Neil Simon’s revision of his hugely successful play, The Odd Couple, sees the lead characters transformed into Olive Madison and Florence Unger. Olive and their group of girlfriends are enjoying their weekly Trivial Pursuit night in Olive’s messy and ill-equipped apartment. As the game continues, Florence arrives, fresh from being dumped by her husband. Fearful that the neurotic Florence might attempt suicide, Olive invites her to move in as her roommate. However, Olive and Florence have VERY different personalities. Where Olive is messy, untidy, and unconcerned about the state of her apartment, Florence is obsessively clean, tidy, and obsessed with hygiene. Olive’s easy-going outlook on life soon clashes with Florence’s highly-strung neurotic tendencies, testing their friendship to the limit. When Olive organizes a double-date with the Costazuela brothers, their differences come to a head and sparks fly.

March 20 at 7:30 pm

March 21 at 7:30 pm

March 22 at 1:00 pm

Tannery Pond Community Center

228 Main Street

Downtown North Creek, NY


Our 2020

OTTG Main Stage Production

March 20th   7:30 pm 

March 21st   7:30 pm

March 22nd 1:00 pm

The Odd Couple

(Female Version)

OTTG Special Event

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Seagle Musical Colony 

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OTTG Main Stage Production

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