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Our Town Theatre Group To Present Dead & Breakfast 

by George DeChant


Murder Mystery Tour


     North Creek’s Our Town Theatre Group is excited to announce their new Murder Mystery Theatre program. We will present “Dead & Breakfast” - a murder mystery by George DeChant Touring this Winter.


     It's the night before their 20th High School reunion and five friends have come back into town to reconnect. But one of their classmates had been found dead in his hotel room. Tensions are high and the murder motives run rampant when these former classmates return to their high school hangout to call upon the spirit world too see if they can figure out who killed their friend Chris Deets. 

Cast of Dead & Breakfast:

Eric & Colleen Potter, Trish & Simon Gardner, and Kim Smith

 It quickly becomes clear that no one is to be trusted and it’s up to the audiences to connect the dots and discover the killer. 


     The evening starts, during cocktails, with the performance of Act One where you will meet the cast of characters and learn what has happened.  And then the audience gets their chance to interrogate the suspects one-on-one to see if they can figure out who the killer is.  Interrogations are followed by a wonderful buffet dinner from the Adirondack Hotel and this is where the audience can piece together all of the clues.  And dessert is where the ending is revealed and the killer is announced.


     Local OTTG actors take part in the fun including Simon and Trish Gardner of Minerva, Kim Smith of North Creek, and Eric and Colleen Potter of Chestertown.  Dead & Breakfast was written by local playwright George DeChant of Indian Lake.


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